Milestone Technical Configuration Level 2

This three-day online instructor-led training is designed to develop a participant’s ability to install and configure complex XProtect VMS installations. This training will also help prepare them for the Milestone Certified Installation Engineer (MCIE) certificate, which is not included in this class. This class takes participants through scenarios that includes a full deployment of XProtect® Corporate VMS across a distributed multi-site domain network for better practical understanding.

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3 days

Participants will deploy a distributed, XProtect Corporate VMS installation by completing hands-on lab exercises. They will be introduced to various tools and techniques that streamline deployment, help automate tasks, and enable them to perform more advanced configuration and maintenance tasks.

View the Milestone Technical Configuration Level 2 workshop agenda here.

Target Audience

Milestone Certified Integration Technicians responsible for installing and configuring advanced features of Milestone XProtect VMS for high-complexity surveillance systems.

Very important! Please note

An active MCIT certification is required to attend this class.

Content Areas Covered
  • Working with domains, domain trusts, and Active Directory users and groups
  • Configuring Management Server and Recording Server failover
  • Streamlining installation across a distributed network
  • Performing advanced device management and maintenance
  • Configuring advanced role-based security
  • Configuring advanced system behaviors and complex rules
  • Working with Milestone Interconnect and Milestone Federated Architecture

This training workshop is not required prior to taking the Milestone Certified Integration Engineer (MCIE) online certification assessment but is recommended as preparation.

*For learners looking to earn the MCIE online assessment after attending class, we recommend first reviewing the MCIE Study Guide, as it provides insight into the knowledge and skills required and how to best prepare for the certification assessment.

This training workshop is available in-person or online! Contact your local Learning & Performance team for more information.

Online Technical Requirements
  • Internet access
  • 1Mbit/s available download and upload bandwidth
  • Internet latency of 900 or less (700 or less is recommended)
  • Headset or speakers (microphone not required)
  • 17-inch monitor or larger
  • Internet browser