Integration Technician

Deploying Multi-server, Medium-complexity XProtect Systems

The Integration Technician training track is recommended for field technicians who are responsible for installing and configuring multi-server, medium-complexity video surveillance systems. The courses included in this training track provide knowledge on how to install and configure systems using Milestone products.




  • Installing XProtect VMS in a multi-server environment
  • Configuring Storage and Archiving for XProtect VMS
  • Getting Started with Rules in XProtect VMS
  • Moving Hardware Devices
  • Managing Secure Access in XProtect Advanced
  • Improving XProtect VMS Performance with Multi-streaming


  • Configuring and Using Edge Storage in XProtect VMS
  • Configuring and Using Enhanced PTZ
  • Configuring and Using Maps
  • Configuring and Using XProtect SmartMap
  • Configuring XProtect Mobile with Smart Connect
  • Configuring and Using Push Notifications


  • Exploring XProtect VMS System Architecture and Communication
  • Configuring and Using Alarms and Notifications
  • Configuring Milestone Interconnect
  • Configuring XProtect System Monitor
  • Troubleshooting and Securing XProtect VMS with Server Logs
  • Hardening XProtect VMS
  • Milestone Server Communication Encryption