Milestone Deployment Assistant

Need safe guidance through installation?

What is Milestone Deployment Assistant?

The Deployment Assistant will help you organize deployment and manage the risk and complexity of installing an IP video surveillance system. By providing a structured and easy to follow approach to deployment and documentation, the new interactive tool will boost the quality of your deployment.

How will the tool help you

  • Hands on tasks and steps to guide you through the sequential process of deploying a XProtect system
  • A clickable checklist to easily document who completed each step and when
  • Extensive guidance for each step, vetted by experienced Milestone Solution and Support engineers
  • The ability to add detailed notes about how to configure a given project, and how each step was implemented
  • Efficient handoff of projects from one technician to another, along with an ability to manage more than one project at a time

On project completion, the checklist can be printed and presented to the customer for a final acceptance review and signoff.